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Toilet Plume is Serious

Many people are unaware that they are at risk of spreading viruses and bacteria every time they flush the toilet. Toilet plume can be especially dangerous to those who are asymptomatic and may be unknowingly spreading infections to their family members; or worse, those who use the restroom after them in a public space. Here at Bacrid, we have set out to educate the world of the dangers of aerosolized transmission and provide a simple, hassle-free solution: toilet spray-guard sheets.

People are our mission

We want the world to get back to normal. We want people to feel safe in their homes when using the restroom and for them to have the assurance that they’re breathing clean air. COVID-19 is airborne, and the toilet can be one of the biggest sources of spreading contaminated particles through the air. Our mission is to give you peace of mind that you’ll be protected from toilet plume when using the restroom, no matter where you are.

Indoor spread is a problem. We're here to solve it.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, people all across the globe were shaken. We hunkered down in our homes to protect ourselves and our families from the danger of the quickly spreading virus.

But we had to venture back out into the world again. People had to go to work and to school, take trips to the grocery store for supplies, and visit their parents or their grandparents in nursing homes. And that’s when the world realized: there’s a lot about this virus, and the spreading of infectious particles in general, that we didn’t know about.

Scientists discovered that indoor spaces, especially our own homes, were becoming hotspots for spreading the virus. Why? Airborne transmission is one of the easiest ways that viruses like COVID-19 spread. Not only that, but particles of this virus are also shed into our waste when we use the bathroom. We were told that we were in danger of infecting the air when we flush the toilet, but there was no solution. 

That’s when the founders of Bacrid jumped into action to develop the key to solving the problem of infectious toilet plume: toilet spray-guard sheets that are designed to catch contaminated aerosols that the toilet projects every time you flush.